How to get noticed and get them to pay attention to you, According to Zodiac

For some zodiac signs, it's pretty easy to tell what they want. Gemini wants someone who keeps life exciting, Aquarius wants someone who can be a best friend and a lover, and Pisces wants someone who gets him.
If someone wants you to notice them, what method would work best for your zodiac sign?

Are you the kind of zodiac sign that prefers someone to be straightforward with you and tell you like it is, or do you like when someone tries to get to know you first before making moves on you?

Here's how to get noticed by each zodiac sign and get them to pay attention,
according to astrology. -->>


ARIES        -  TAURUS   -  GEMINI


CANCER   -      LEO       -   VIRGO


LIBRA       -  SCORPIO  -   SAG


CAP           -     AQUA     -  PISCES


Your birth chart tells you about your potential and your purpose, the chart of your business will describe how successful it can become. This is called Electional astrology. It chooses the best day and time for an event or action to commence. It’s used for material things such as launching a business, or a website and for more special occasions like parties, weddings and initiations.

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