Your dream often announces what the future holds in a very personal to you

 Search the meaning of your Dream


The most "basic rules" of how to correctly and effectively interpret a dream.

And this "basic rule" is "Ask the dreamer's feeling or feelings how he feels and interpretation of his dream?"

According to research, "What the dreamer answers first is more or less the correct interpretation of his dream or that is exactly what will happen in the next few days." 

The most effective way you define your dreams. 

How? To ask the dream first what does he think his dream means?

He was supposed to give the first interpretation of his dream, because in reality he came from a dream, so he would first know the meaning of his dream. Especially if you ask him, how did he feel while he was dreaming?

 Why your Dream is opposite in reality?

Because in dream analysis the dream is said 

what you can't do in real life in a dream gives him a fulfillment

 That is why many people think that dreams are the opposite of real life..

However, the dream announces what is about to happen, so for Example those who have no money, in the dream will make money but in the distant days or in the long run.

 This is because the dream comes from a person’s deepest consciousness and because of the extreme depth of the origin, of course, long before there is a reality.

     Sometimes it also happens quickly when the person is not overwhelmed by doubt, cowardice and cowardice.