Astrological transit of VENUS in 6th House of Health

How can you make your daily life more pleasurable, more harmonious and balanced? 

While Venus transits your sixth house, no one has to tell you to eat a more balanced diet, bring home a bouquet of flowers, or buy beautiful file folders and binders for your office. 

Venus's sixth house grace is the understanding that practicality doesn't have to be ugly and joyless. There's no reason you can't celebrate both form and function. Making each moment, place, and routine a little more lovely than it has to be is the assignment and the gift of this transit. 

Venus is the relationship planet, so this transit may bring agreeable new people into your everyday life. A gracious new coworker, a happier coffee barista, or a smiling new hairstylist can go far to alleviate the tedium of familiar routines. 

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Venus represents what we enjoy and is also associated with money and property. When Venus transits the first house, beautify and enjoy yourself. 

During this month, indulge in some pampering. Take special care with your appearance; if it’s within your budget, a trip to a salon or spa could be a wonderful treat. Have a professional advise you about your hairstyle or wardrobe. Also, be more gracious in your approach to others. Venus’s gifts are beauty and charm, so you should be able to handle conflicts diplomatically now, disarming even your fiercest opponents.



Venus represents what we enjoy and is also associated with money and property, so it’s right at home in the second house. 

This month, spend your money and use your resources in ways that you enjoy. 

You needn’t overspend to get maximum enjoyment, either. Simply giving your house a thorough cleaning and rearranging your furniture in a more pleasing way can do the trick. All things being equal, you probably feel pretty flush this month; if you have a little extra spending money, use it to beautify your appearance or your home. Venus represents femininity, so females in your life can have an effect on your finances or property during this month.


If you wish to persuade or charm someone, this is a very good transit for it. Something about the way you speak, write, and otherwise communicate with others is especially seductive during this transit.

 Likewise, you will be particularly susceptible to the way others communicate, being turned off by coarse or impolite language and utterly charmed by someone with a lyrical speaking voice. Do a little singing. Ask for a raise.


When Venus transits your fourth house, you’ll particularly love being at home. Buy beautiful gifts for your house, like new guest towels or a fantastic coffeemaker. Invite friends over to fill the place with affection and laughter. 

This is one of the best transits all year for making your space more gorgeous and inviting. Fill it with lovely things and with the people you enjoy. Your home is a reflection of your inner wellspring of contentment and tranquility, so making it more pleasant will have a similar effect on your mood.


The world does not always look upon us fondly and with benign indulgence when we decide to strut our stuff. 

That’s the tricky part of fifth house transits, which can be so much fun as long as you don’t care what people think of your creations or your idea of merriment and play. This is a fairly quick transit, so it may not bring the love of your life to you, but it will likely provide appreciation for your fun-loving side, creative efforts, or children. 

You’ll probably receive creative support and favorable reviews when Venus transits your fifth house, but hopefully you’ll be too preoccupied with having fun or enjoying an influx of cash to care what others think about what you wear, what you do, or whom you love. Money might emerge as a motivation for a new creative project or might be offered for something you’ve already created.


Venus is right at home in the seventh house, because both are associated with harmony, balance, and partnership. If you’re in a long-term relationship, this is a good time to take a minivacation with your partner, or at least schedule a special outing; you’ll really enjoy each other now. 

If you’re looking for love, you’ll certainly encounter some appealing prospects during this transit. Treat your best friend to a little extra attention and affection during this transit, too. Where your rivals are concerned, remember what Abraham Lincoln said: “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”


While Venus transits here, you’ll usually receive more support and affection than you’re used to getting. If you need to apply for a loan or ask for favors, this is a favorable time to do it. Partnerships, in particular, can feel supportive, encouraging, and enjoyable now. 

Physical relationships are especially satisfying, and this could be a transit that marks the moment when a close relationship turns intimate. It may sound like a downer, but this can be a good time for estate planning. 

Use this transit to ensure that your wishes are documented and that your earthly possessions (including your body) will find their way to the appropriate people and places when you are no longer here to look after them.


Have you ever heard someone say that hearing a piece of music or seeing a piece of art for the first time changed his or her life? It may sound hyperbolic, but it does happen. At its best, art has a transformative effect, elevating your mind and opening up an entirely new way of looking at the world.

 During Venus’s transit of your ninth house, make an effort to broaden your exposure to beauty, art, and social events. These will provide the catalyst for opening your mind to new concepts and may even inspire you to broaden your life experience through travel, foreign cultures, or simply taking a risk.


What is your calling? A calling may strike the modern reader as a very old-fashioned notion, or as something singularly religious, such as a calling to join the priesthood or to serve the world as a missionary. But the tenth house, while we generally think of it as a house of career, can more precisely be thought of as describing your calling, what you feel you were born to do, even if it’s not something that you can reasonably expect will earn much money. 

As Venus transits your tenth house, expect something pleasurable to lead you to a better understanding of your calling, or perhaps some unexpected bit of money to allow you to pursue something you love. Keep your eyes open for examples of people who are doing what they love, or simply loving what they do. They are showing you what it looks like to make love your calling.


Your idea of happiness this month will probably involve spending more time than usual with friends. Social gatherings of all kinds tend to be more rewarding during this transit, and overtures of friendship are also well received. It’s the right moment to cultivate social media relationships or purchase new gizmos (as long as Venus is not retrograde). 

The eleventh house represents rewards from your profession, so you can reasonably expect additional money, praise, or opportunities to come your way through your career or related to involvement in social organizations. It’s generally an excellent transit for socializing, including professional conferences and networking functions.


Here is a simple ritual for Venus’s transit of your twelfth house: Clean out your bedroom closet. Get rid of all the broken, ugly, plastic clothes hangers and all the clothes that haven’t fit in twenty years. Vacuum that sucker. If you’re feeling particularly whimsical, paint the inside a lovely color. Organize your clothes and shoes. 

Make it beautiful. If you’re not hung up on your closets, tackle some other ugly, cluttered part of your house or garage in a similar fashion. Get rid of things that are unsightly or broken, or things you hate. Make this part of your house so nice to look at that you find yourself wanting to show it off to visitors. The truth is, the state of your closets, or other places in your life that only you see, is a pretty good barometer of how well you treat yourself when no one is looking. And that is usually based on how you feel inside. So for a few weeks, while Venus is in your twelfth house, show that part of your house—and yourself—a little love.

THE 6th House in Yearly SOLAR RETURN CHART 

The 6th house can also provide support for 3rd house problem-solving tasks. The 6th house emphasis on practical application and testing information lays the groundwork for further investigation in the 3rd, the search for new and better ideas on how to do things.. Also Read, Example Case Study chart - Sun in the 6th house of Solar Return Chart.


Traditional name: House of Health 

Terrain: health, work, service, servants, co-workers, duties, habits, routines, chores, care-taking, pets and small animals, skills 

Shares common ground with: the sign of Virgo; the planets Mercury, Mars (traditional astrologers place Mars in its "joy" in the sixth house) 

 While planets transit your sixth house, they awaken your craving for order. Your life has, to some extent, become a mess; it's time to clean it up and sort it out. 

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