The SUN IN PISCES From 1st to 30th Degree Meaning

Sun in Pisces in Transit AKA Pisces Season. But When the Sun in Pisces in Natal Chart they Called you Piscean people. 

Not All Pisces Are the Same. "It's too much of a generalization to say it's just Pisces alone.". 
Date Back around 1925, They also noticed that it is indeed too Generalized if it won't be used with Degree Meaning.

There is also something popularly called Decanate. However, it is divided only into three types, or it is just three types of Pisces. Nevertheless, it's still quite generalized.

 So in 1925, there was an astrologer named Elsie Wheeler who was an Astrologer the clairvoyant and believed that the Sabian symbols could offer insights into the human psyche and the purpose of life.
If you scroll down below, you will notice that the Sambian Symbol appears to be too figurative. But don't worry, modern astrologers have already translated it for better understanding in the modern era.

Sun is 0-1 degree Pisces Born in Feb 19
SABIAN SYMBOL: In A Crowded Marketplace Farmers And Middlemen Display A Great Variety Of Products.

IN MODERN: Generous, compassionate, self-sacrificing. Loves to share possessions, feelings, ideas with others. Sometimes easily influenced and swayed by others.

Sun is 2-3 degree Pisces Born in Feb 21
SABIAN SYMBOL: Petrified Tree Trunks Lie Broken On Desert Sand

IN MODERN: Restless, sociable, ingratiating. Rich, colorful imagination. Enjoys traveling. Unrealistic and grandiose plans for the future. Does not concentrate attention and energy on any single interest.

Sun is 3-4 degree Pisces Born in Feb 22
SABIAN SYMBOL: Heavy Car Traffic On A Narrow Isthmus Linking Two Seashore Resorts

IN MODERN: Mature disposition. Self-reliant, disciplined, and responsible. Clear understanding, astute. Achieves success through persistent effort.

Sun is 4-5 degree Pisces Born in Feb 23
SABIAN SYMBOL: A Church Bazaar

IN MODERN: Original, pioneering thoughts and actions. Active. Strives to develop the talents, knowledge, and resources necessary to make his own individual contribution to society.

Sun is 5-6 degree Pisces Born in Feb 24
SABIAN SYMBOL: A Parade Of Army Officers In Full Dress

IN MODERN: Intuitive, self-sacrificing, kind, poetic. Musical or artistic talents. Compassionate. Idealistic or spiritual love. May also denote impressionability and blind love.

Sun is 6-7 degree Pisces Born in Feb 25
SABIAN SYMBOL: Illumined By A Shaft Of Light, A Large Cross Lies On Rocks Surrounded By Sea

IN MODERN: Very honest and direct, yet pleasant and loving also. Appreciates good art, natural living, and a pleasant environment. Spends money impulsively.

Sun is 7-8 degree Pisces Born in Feb 26
SABIAN SYMBOL: A Girl Blowing A Bugle

IN MODERN: Pleasant and kind to others. Natural, unaffected, wholesome personality. Loves nature. Good artistic appreciation, musical talent. Sometimes inclined to overindulgence in food or other pleasures.

Sun is 8-9 degree Pisces Born in Feb 27
SABIAN SYMBOL: A Jockey Spurs His Horse, Intent On Outdistancing His Rivals

IN MODERN: Quickly grasps concepts and ideas. Fluent speaker. May approach life too intellectually. Good understanding of dream symbols.

Sun is 9-10 degree Pisces Born in Feb 27
SABIAN SYMBOL: An Aviator Pursues His Journey, Flying Through Ground-Obscuring Clouds

IN MODERN: Domestic, compassionate. Interested in emotional problems and others' personal lives. Good understanding of dream symbols.

Sun is 9-10 degree Pisces Born in Feb 28
SABIAN SYMBOL: An Aviator Pursues His Journey, Flying Through Ground-Obscuring Clouds

IN MODERN: Domestic, compassionate. Interested in emotional problems and others' personal lives. Good understanding of dream symbols.

Sun is 10-11 degree Pisces Born in March 1
SABIAN SYMBOL: Men Traveling A Narrow Path, Seeking Illumination

IN MODERN: Enjoys creative work. Wants to personally serve others. Good leadership qualities. Devoted to family and country.

Sun is 11-12 degree Pisces Born in March 2
SABIAN SYMBOL: In The Sanctuary Of An Occult Brotherhood, Newly Initiated Members Are Being Examined And Their Character Tested

IN MODERN: Good at detailed, creative work, e.g. sewing. At times too critical of others. Works well with children. Interested in nutrition.

Sun is 12-13 degree Pisces Born in March 3
SABIAN SYMBOL: An Ancient Sword, Used In Many Battles, Is Displayed In A Museum

IN MODERN: Sedate, pleasant disposition. Generous and aware of others' needs. Ready to give emotional support to those who need it. Devoted to home and family.

Sun is 13-14 degree Pisces Born in March 4
SABIAN SYMBOL: A Lady Wrapped In A Large Stole Of Fox Fur

IN MODERN: Dynamic, self-reliant, active, energetic. Ambitious and forceful pursuit of goals. Leadership qualities. Good worker. Sometimes unable to appreciate another person's point of view.

Sun is 14-15 degree Pisces Born in March 5
SABIAN SYMBOL: An Officer Instructing His Men Before A Simulated Assault Under A Barrage Of Live Shells

IN MODERN: Ambitious, enterprising, forward-looking. Rich taste. Successful in business, politics, or any position of leadership.

Sun is 15-16 degree Pisces Born in March 6
SABIAN SYMBOL: In The Quiet Of His Study A Creative Individual Experiences A Flow Of Inspiration

IN MODERN: Highly intelligent. Clear, precise thinking. Achieves success through persevering, determined effort.

Sun is 16-17 degree Pisces Born in March 7
SABIAN SYMBOL: An Easter Parade

IN MODERN: Ingenious, inventive, highly intelligent. Strives to perfect and refine his inspired ideas. Prone to periodic, sudden fits of implacability and irritability.

Sun is 17-18 degree Pisces Born in March 8
SABIAN SYMBOL: In A Gigantic Tent, Villagers Witness A Spectacular Performance

IN MODERN: Quiet, unassuming personality. Imaginative, sensitive, intuitive, self-sacrificing. Strives for purity and refinement.

Sun is 18-19 degree Pisces Born in March 9
SABIAN SYMBOL: A Master Instructing His Disciple

IN MODERN:Honest and straightforward, yet tactful and diplomatic also. Strives to use money and resources in the best possible way, and is likely to have arguments with spouse regarding finances.

Sun is 19-20 degree Pisces Born in March 10
SABIAN SYMBOL: A Table Set For An Evening Meal

IN MODERN:Kind, loving, tactful. Harmonious and pleasant disposition. Aptitude for psychology and social work. Good artistic taste. Also has some interest in gardening, nutrition, and economics.

Sun is 20-21 degree Pisces Born in March 11
SABIAN SYMBOL: Under The Watchful And Kind Eye Of A Chinese Servant, A Girl Fondles A Little White Lamb

IN MODERN:Instinctive, penetrating mind. Strong views on politics and religion. Sharp speech and criticism may create bad feelings with others.

Sun is 21-22 degree Pisces Born in March 12
SABIAN SYMBOL: A Prophet Carrying Tablets Of The New Law Is Walking Down The Slopes Of Mount Sinai

IN MODERN:Domestic, emotional, sensitive. Creative talent. Without formal education or instruction, he knows how to cook, paint, fix things, etc. Desires to marry and have children.

Sun is 22-23 degree Pisces Born in March 13
SABIAN SYMBOL: A "Materializing" Medium Giving A Seance

IN MODERN:Self-confident, energetic, and strong-willed. Good leadership qualities. Strong views. May be too intense and domineering.

Sun is 23-24 degree Pisces Born in March 14
SABIAN SYMBOL: On A Small Island Surrounded By The Vast Expanse Of The Sea, People Are Seen Living In Close Interaction

IN MODERN:Polite and ingratiating. Rich, sophisticated disposition; dresses nicely. His courteous behavior and professional attitude attract success in business pursuits.

Sun is 24-25 degree Pisces Born in March 15
SABIAN SYMBOL: A Religious Organization Succeeds In Overcoming The Corrupting Influence Of Perverted Practices and Materialized Ideals

IN MODERN:Generous. Optimistic, pleasant disposition. Sociable, ingratiating, diplomatic. Enterprising and forward-looking. Successful in business endeavors.

Sun is 25-26 degree Pisces Born in March 16
SABIAN SYMBOL: Watching The Very Thin Moon Crescent Appearing At Sunset, Different People Realize That The Time Has Come To Go Ahead With Their Different Projects

IN MODERN:Individualistic, energetic, confident. Strong sense of justice and equality. Treats all people with fairness. Leadership qualities. Generous.

Sun is 26-27 degree Pisces Born in March 17
SABIAN SYMBOL: The Harvest Moon Illumines A Clear Autumnal Sky

IN MODERN:Mature, rather sophisticated personality. Enterprising and forward-looking. Clear, objective intelligence. Willing to work hard for a worthy cause. Capable in business and academic pursuits.

Sun is 27-28 degree Pisces Born in March 18
SABIAN SYMBOL: A Fertile Garden Under The Full Moon Reveals A Variety Of Full-Grown Vegetables

IN MODERN: Clear, objective, abstract thinking. Capable in business and academic pursuits. Achieves success through determined and persistent effort. Mature, quiet disposition. Loves simplicity.

Sun is 28-29 degree Pisces Born in March 19
SABIAN SYMBOL: Light Breaking Into Many Colors As It Passes Through A Prism

IN MODERN:Strives to find his proper place in society and the Divine Plan. Inspired, inventive, fresh ideas. Unusual, perhaps somewhat eccentric, personality.

Sun is 29-30 degree Pisces Born in March 20
SABIAN SYMBOL: A Majestic Rock Formation Resembling A Face Is Idealized By A Boy Who Takes It As His Ideal Of Greatness, And As He Grows Up, Begins To Look Like It.

IN MODERN: Imaginative and poetic. Unusual inspiration. Original and sensitive, but not very stable. Strong sense of responsibility, and prone to guilt feelings if he does not live up to his ideals.

I used the Sambian Symbol of Elsie Wheeler, The Clairvoyant, because it's the most popular one. Actually, there are 12 authors who have their own Sambian Symbols. It would be very lengthy to include all of them here, and they are also quite difficult to understand.

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