Tips for Aligning with your NORTH NODE

What are you here to learn in this lifetime?

  • 👉 ARIES NORTH NODE: Put yourself first 
  • 👉 TAURUS NORTH NODE: Heal through nature 
  • 👉 GEMINI NORTH NODE: Focus on the details 
  • 👉 CANCER NORTH NODE: Let yourself receive 
  • 👉 LEO NORTH NODE: Stand in the spotlight 
  • 👉 VIRGO NORTH NODE: Teach your wisdom 
  • 👉 LIBRA NORTH NODE: You're never alone 
  • 👉 SCORPIO NORTH NODE: Embrace chaos 
  • 👉 SAGITTARIUS NORTH NODE: Connect the dots 
  • 👉 CAPRICORN NORTH NODE: Know your worth 
  • 👉 AQUARIUS NORTH NODE: Be yourself 
  • 👉 PISCES NORTH NODE: Feel one with everything

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