CHIRON IN THE 3RD HOUSE in Solar return

 Positively, your mind is much more in the present, in the 'now', than usual but also very aware of how the past and the future converge in the present. You may receive good news about someone's reaction to a unique contribution you have made, or may choose to communicate your own unique perceptions in a way that others can see things through your eyes. 

 Negatively, you may receive painful news that something you thought you could rely on is going to end, or that someone you count on may be leaving your life. You may put all your trust in a communication only to find out that you were not given the whole truth.  Or an old wound, or health issue, may disrupt communication or interrupt your education.

Remember: Chiron's influence is often about facing our deepest insecurities and vulnerabilities in order to heal and grow. Embrace this Solar return year as an opportunity to transform your relationship with communication, learning, and self-expression.


The interpretation of the solar return chart can stand alone and does not have to be related to the natal chart. A wealth of information can be obtained from just studying the solar return chart by itself, the house placements of the planets, and the aspects between them. But for those who look for natal confirmation or comparison of the solar return to the natal chart, place the natal chart outside the wheel of the solar return. All sense of house placement is lost when the solar return goes outside the natal in a biwheel chart technique. This is a major loss, and it can cripple one's ability to interpret the solar return. There is a specific reason that the natal chart goes on the outside of a biwheel chart. As stated above, the solar return chart is meant to stand alone with much of its interpretation based on house placement. 

In order to get a more accurate interpretation of  Transit and Solar Return chart, you will need to consult with a professional astrologer. A professional astrologer will be able to take into account all of the factors mentioned above to give you a more personalized interpretation.


Astrosignature of The Destiny and Decisions

 There is an element of the future that you cannot change; this is your destiny . But you also have choices and options available to you; these are your decisions.  This ASTROSIGNATURE Chart predicts where the planets are in the current time period, when they will be forming aspects to your natal planets, what influences these aspects bring, and how long they will last--as far into the future as you wish to look. THIS is truly PREDICTIVE ASTROLOGY! 

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