Trasiting NEPTUNE Sesquisquare Natal NORTH NODE - ( Transit and Progress chart )

If this aspect is showing up in your transit chart,  or in other word, The Current Transit of  NEPTUNE as you look up  in the Sky are Allign to your NORTH NODE.

This influence is temporary, lasting for about 3 months, It's a time to be discerning, avoid escapism, and use your intuition to navigate any confusion about your path..
You are likely to meet new people, who are able to help you achieve your personal goals. It is also likely that you come into contact with new groups of people, particularly spiritual or artistic groups. The only frustration is that you have to wait for past associations to be finalised before you can make the most of your new relationships and opportunities.

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If this Aspect show in your Progress chart .

The Secondary progressions track the movement of your natal planets at a slower pace 1 day is equal to 1 year, reflecting long-term developments in your life. Suggests a longer-term theme (decades) in your soul's development. It highlights the need to integrate your idealistic visions with practical action to fulfill your life's purpose.

The sesquisquare aspect, being a minor challenging aspect, suggests that this period may bring subtle tensions or friction between your evolving spiritual aspirations (North Node) and the nebulous, illusory qualities associated with Neptune. You may feel a pull towards spiritual exploration or transcendence, but find it difficult to clearly define or actualize your goals. 

During this time, it's essential to remain grounded and discerning, as Neptune's influence can sometimes lead to disillusionment or escapism if not properly integrated. Reflect on how you can align your spiritual journey with your practical life path, finding ways to integrate inspiration and intuition into tangible action steps. This aspect encourages you to explore your inner world and deepen your connection with the divine or the collective unconscious. 

Pay attention to dreams, synchronicities, and intuitive nudges, as they may provide valuable insights into your soul's purpose and direction. Trust the process of unfolding, even if it feels uncertain at times, and remember that clarity often emerges from surrendering to the flow of life..



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