How People May Behave During PISCES SEASON - February 19–March 20

Your Monthly Horoscope According to Changing of Zodiac Season 

How People May Behave During Pisces season 2022

Is somewhat cool and calm. Sometimes nothing is going on, which makes everyone a bit lazy when we should be preparing for the spring equinox. People are easily overwhelmed throughout the month, so it’s a time when we should be making plans. 

 ✍(◔◡◔) Keep this in mind as people are acting in the following ways: 

• depressed 
• spaced out 
• dreamy 
• out of touch with reality 
• escaping 
• addicted 
• numbed out 
• intoxicated 
• codependent 
• looking at life through rose-colored glasses 
• scattered all over the place 
• missing in action 
• passive aggressive 
• wishy-washy 

 ✍(◔◡◔) How to Harness the Power of Month of Pisces 

• confront life head-on with love and peace 
• watch out for new age traps 
• don’t numb yourself 
• break out of your comfort zone 
• love others without falling in love with them 
• know which dreams to pay attention to 
• evolve yourself 
• integrate everything you’ve learned 
• understand the true meaning of compassion 
• have no regrets 
• be responsible for your own happiness 
• sharpen your focus 
• keep your eye on the path without straying 
• become aware of past lives 
• throw out anything you’re hoarding 
• take off the rose-colored glasses 
• challenge your cognitive bias 

Important Days • new moon in Pisces • full moon of Pisces 

 ✍(◔◡◔) Gifts of Pisces Season 

• intuitive 
• clairvoyant 
• caring 
• strong believer 
• healing 
• imaginative
• magical 
• prophetic 
• clear 
• visions 
• questions answered in dreams 
• inspired 
• connected to the greater picture • empathy 


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