VENUS IN THE 7TH HOUSE in yearly Horoscope

A 7th house Venus of Solar return chart emphasizes the importance of relating positively to others. 

This usually applies specifically to your relationship with one particular individual (such as a spouse or business partner), but may apply to others in general. 

Relationships can improve or deteriorate during the Solar Return  year, depending on your abilities and the situations involved.

PLUTO IN FIRST HOUSE of your yearly Horoscope

 Pluto in the 1st house of Solar return, indicates a strong desire for self-control and an emphasis on personal power issues during the coming year. 

Positively, you are capable of doing whatever you set your mind to. 

You have the ability to reshape your personality and control personal habits. Some individuals have used this time to quit smoking or drinking, or lose weight. 

This can be a great time for self-improvement since you have the ability to start a regimen and stick to it. 

SATURN in the 7TH HOUSE Of Your Yearly Horoscope

Saturn in the 7th house of  Solar return year indicates that close personal relationships are defined, limited, or structured in order to establish a greater degree of safety and security.

For those dating and not married, usually, 

the relationship is defined as  not ready for marriage during this solar return year. 

Although this can be a time of great commitment for those who are already married, 

PLUTO IN THE 8TH HOUSE Of Solar Return Astrology Chart

It is very common for financial arrangements to change during this Solar Return Year.

 If you live alone and are your sole financial support, the amount of money you earn could either increase or decrease. 

The same is true if you receive money from parents or other relatives. If you share resources with another person, either one of you can decide to quit your job or cut back on hours. Rarely, one may lose his or her job.

MARS IN 2ND HOUSE Of Solar Return Astrology Chart

 For employed individuals, Mars in the 2nd house of Solar return usually indicates an income based on commissions or sales.  

You are able to hustle for a higher income, and your earnings, at least in part, depend on how actively you focus on making money. 

Even if your income is normally based on a fixed hourly rate, you may be involved in an incentive program or contest which rewards you for the amount of work you are able to generate or handle. 

PLUTO IN 2ND HOUSE Of your yearly Horoscope

 Dramatic changes in financial situations are associated with Pluto in the 2nd house of Solar return chart.  
Your income may increase or decrease during the Solar Return year, and it is not uncommon to either enter or exit the job market at this time.

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Check the aspects from Pluto to 6th or 10th house planets for more information. 


When the solar return Ascendant is in Gemini, 

you have a "jack of all trades" mind that can master any task if you just focus. 

Information and communication are your main modes of  interaction. You love to talk and share ideas, but writing and studying can al so be important. Keep your mind productively engaged. If not, anxiety, nervousness, and indecision can plague you. Your tendency will be to scatter your thoughts and leave projects incomplete. 

How the Gemini manipulates all the 12 Zodiac Sign

Geminis are multifaceted personalities who frequently attract attention by their strong in-tellect or other talents. They possess complex personalities and are often even contradictory - the have, as the saying goes, two faces. 

They symbolise the puberty stage of life, 

which involves spiritual growth, exploration and criticism, learning and communication.

 'Who do I want to be?"is one of the typical questions that the Gemini asks himself. 

Although the Gemini possesses an agile mind, pondering about things for a long time and concentration are not part of his repertoire. They find it easy to look at the bigger picture although often being buffeted by rapidly changing emotional states of mind and only rarely reveal themselves as predictable and stable. 

Zodiac Season
Zodiac Season

URANUS IN THE 6TH HOUSE Of your yearly Horoscope

Uranus in the 6th house of Solar Return can show a job change during the year or a change in working conditions. Changes could be either self-initiated or beyond your control. 

Temporary working positions or breaks in employment are possible.

For example, one woman worked for a nonprofit organization. 

Her salary was paid for by a government grant, and when the grant money ran out, she was let go, only to return when new funds came in. 

JUPITER IN THE 8TH HOUSE Of Your Yearly Horoscope

The 8th house of Solar return chart is commonly associated with the earnings of others while the 2nd house is more indicative of your own earning power. 

Therefore, Jupiter in the 8th house of Solar return chart is primarily focuses on the money made available to you after someone else has al-ready earned it. 

During the Solar return year

your financial situation may improve specifically because you are now able to share resources with another person.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Luck

When It Comes to Success in Business using Astrology

 When it comes to moderate performance, our intuition about success is more likely correct. Conventional wisdom, such as “the harder I work the luckier I get” or “chance favors the prepared mind,” makes perfect sense when talking about someone moving from poor to good performance. 

Going from good-to-great is a different story: Being in the right place at the right time can be so important that it overwhelms merit and grit.

MOON IN FIRST HOUSE in your Yearly Horoscope

The Moon in the 1st house of Solar return chart can indicate increased emotional self-awareness during the coming solar return year. 

Feelings and emotional needs will seem stronger and more urgent, residing just under the surface.  

But the Moon in the 1st house of Solar return is distinguished by the fact that not only are the feelings particularly strong, they are also readily apparent to others and ultimately carry great personal significance for the individual. Also Read Moon in Transit Horoscope