When the solar return Ascendant is in Sagittarius, 

Philosophy, religion, and personal beliefs guide your decisions and choices. Though you appear light-hearted and fun-loving, you live life according to principles and truth as you perceive it. You thirst for knowledge and have a keen interest in other cultures and belief systems; hence you love to travel. 

JUPITER IN 2ND HOUSE Of your yearly Horoscope

 Jupiter in the 2nd house of the solar return usually indicates a good financial situation, or at least improving financial conditions.  

As a rule, the money comes to you through your own efforts and is probably related to your professional endeavors or increased earning power. 

If you are not presently working, this can be the year you seek employment

JUPITER IN THE 11TH HOUSE of your yearly Horoscope

The number one issue with Jupiter in the 11th house of Solar return Chart is the issue of freedom as it relates to one or more specific areas of life.
Goals are being set early in the year, and most likely the goals are meant to benefit the individual directly.
The goals may include educational pursuits which will enhance career potential, but this is not always the case.  

What each Zodiac sign is the very best at ?

 While each sign will argue that they’re the best, we have to keep it real – every sign is different and they’re all good (and bad) in their own unique ways. 

So rather than pitting signs against each other, let’s take a look at what each sign is the very best at. That way, you know exactly who to turn to in times of need!


ARIES        -  TAURUS   -  GEMINI


CANCER   -      LEO       -   VIRGO


LIBRA       -  SCORPIO  -   SAG


CAP           -     AQUA     -  PISCES

These 5 Zodiac Sign Is the Most Lucky in Gambling and Lottery

#Astrology can determine the type of luck you have, and it can influence the actions you take to increase your luck. You’re not going to win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket, and you’re not going to win the contest if you don’t enter it.
We all have moments where we dream about winning the lottery and saying goodbye to all our financial woes. But no matter how much we may want to win millions of dollars, the likelihood we will is extremely low. 

Now, this isn’t a guarantee, but these zodiac signs are lucky in winning and may have a slight advantage over others.

Zodiac Season
Zodiac Season

MERCURY Retrograde in your Yearly Solar Return chart

Mercury is usually retrograde in the solar return chart every six years. 

When Mercury is retrograde, it is time to be introspective, especially about those things related to Mercury's house placement. You should be doing a lot of your own thinking and learning rather than depending on others. Integrate previously acquired information into your own individualized mindset. Think of your mind as an over-loaded cabinet or closet seriously in need of filing and organization. It is time to process. You probably already know everything you need to know to handle a certain life situation. If you continue to depend on others for advice, you will find conversations meaningless within the context of your own intellectual needs and experience. Be aware that your mental processes are not very receptive to new information at this time. Your mind is like a cup that is filled to the brim. Any additional knowledge spills over and is lost. Work toward integrating what you already know. 

You can experience this retrogradation as a certainty that you know you are right and only you can make the best decisions concerning your own future. What others tell you might clash with what you already know and you could tend to disregard their comments. You may be right, but the danger is that you may be wrong. You can be so in tune with your own thoughts that you are totally on the mark then again, you might be totally off the beam. Take the time to reorganize information by focusing inward. You might find that your own opinions, thoughts, and decisions truly work best for you. But be aware of the feedback others give you, which may be particularly valuable if you have missed the mark 
Secretiveness is also associated with Mercury retrograde. There is a tendency to withhold information and sometimes lie. Generally, there are two major reasons for doing this: one is that you really do have secrets which need to be kept; the other is that expressing your opinions or thoughts openly causes tension in your relationships. 

Retrograde Mercury is associated with biting your tongue and swallowing your own words in order to keep the peace. Your true opinions may not emerge until the start of the next solar return. 
This time is excellent for putting your thoughts down on paper and writing original material. You will be able to see things differently when your thoughts are written down and this is a good way to get organized. Old opinions and beliefs may be outdated, so you need to reassess your thinking, reformulate ideas, and shed new light on a subject area. 

Retrograde Planets 

Do not pay attention to retrograde outer planets in the solar return. There is about a 50/50 chance that the outer planets will be retrograde since they are each retrograde for almost six months out of the year. Generally, if an outer planet is positioned ninety degrees or more after your Sun's zodiacal placement, and not less than ninety degrees before your Sun's placement, it will be retrograde. Half of the population will have a retrograde Pluto in their solar returns this year. 

Some individuals will have Pluto retrograde in their solar return charts throughout their entire lifetime. Therefore, consider the retrogradation of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto meaningless in the broad context of solar return interpretation. 

The interpretation of retrograde Mercury, Venus, and Mars, however, is very important. 

VENUS Conjunct in your yearly MERCURY Return chart

When Mercury is conjunct Venus in the solar return chart, you have confidence in your decisions and intellectual capabilities. 

Solar Return chart MERCURY - VENUS Aspect

Mercury and Venus can only make two major aspects, the conjunction and the sextile. 

The two planets are never far enough apart for any other major aspect to occur. Mercury-Venus aspects in solar return chart, indicate that you are more apt to have confidence in your decisions and intellectual capabilities. 

Solar return chart MERCURY - PLUTO Aspect

It may indicate that your conscious mind is very aware of unconscious material and psychological complexes. 

This awareness may originate from naturally occurring insights into human behavior or educational pursuits. You are better able to perceive what is unspoken or hidden.

MARS Trine or Sextile in your Yearly MERCURY Return chart

Mercury sextile or nine Mars indicates a very energetic and inquisitive mind.

MERCURY IN 1ST  | 2ND  | 3RD  | 4TH  | 5TH  | 6TH  | 7TH  | 8TH  | 9TH  | 10TH  | 11TH |  12TH  | HOUSE 

 This can be a time of great mental energy and productivity. When you present your ideas, you are supported by positive feedback and assisted in your endeavors. This is a good time to brain-storm with others. Sharing fosters continuing rounds of insight and creativity. 

MARS IN 1ST  | 2ND  | 3RD  | 4TH  | 5TH  | 6TH  | 7TH  | 8TH  | 9TH  | 10TH  | 11TH |  12TH  | HOUSE

MARS Square or Opposite in your yearly MERCURY return chart

Because the aspect between Mercury and Mars is either a square or an opposition, the involvement of other individuals is likely. 

MARS Conjunct in your yearly MERCURY return chart

Mars conjunct to Mercury suggests a very energetic mind that is quick and alert though in need of a strong focus. 

MERCURY IN 1ST  | 2ND  | 3RD  | 4TH  | 5TH  | 6TH  | 7TH  | 8TH  | 9TH  | 10TH  | 11TH |  12TH  | HOUSE  

The intent is either on import, acquiring knowledge, or on export, applying ideas to life issues and situations. You can be absorbed in a concentrated learning situation such as a degree program or creating a written masterpiece for publication. 

MARS IN 1ST  | 2ND  | 3RD  | 4TH  | 5TH  | 6TH  | 7TH  | 8TH  | 9TH  | 10TH  | 11TH |  12TH  | HOUSE

Learning can be very exciting and self-perpetuating even if you study alone. Working on a major project that is mentally taxing is a good way to channel the intensity of this conjunction into a positive venue. Without a goal or purpose that demands your attention, the mind may wan-der or become volatile and hypercritical. 

SATURN Trine or SEXTILE MERCURY in your Yearly Horoscope

This is the aspect of the planner, organizer, or expert in the field of endeavor.

 You take your responsibilities seriously and have a practical, can do, problem-solving approach to life. You make wise choices because you investigate issues thoroughly and seek advice when necessary. 

Very little surprises you as you always see down the road. Your awareness is multifaceted and multidimensional.