TAURUS Monthly Horoscope 2021

 Ever since Saturn moved into stressful aspect with you in March last year, health and energy became more delicate. Certainly, your energy is not as high as it was in 2018 and 2019. Still, overall health should be good. Perhaps a few years ago you could bike 20 miles or do many push-ups or sit-ups. Now it is not so easy. 

Career, like last year 2021, is the main headline this year 2021. Last year was very successful career wise, and this year it will be even more so. There are promotions and elevations in store this year. You are a magnet for career opportunity as well.

So here are the Monthly Horoscope for TAURUS ..



What is Written in star about the TOXIC RELATIONSHIP you attract the most

 #Astrology plays a role in the aura we give off that attracts certain people.

 If you keep finding yourself in similar toxic relationships time after time, go ahead and blame the stars and take the steps to move on and find the right relationship for you.

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MAJOR MIND THEME : Mental excitement. Intellectual energy. Engineering solutions to problems. The urge to get things done, to be in the action.

Zodiac Season
Zodiac Season

MAGICAL HOROSCOPE : Neptune Trine Saturn in progressed Natal chart

EXPECTED IMAGINATION AND CONFUSION: You have a good balance between the spiritual and material sides of your life at the moment. You also have the right combination of

MAGICAL HOROSCOPE 2021: Neptune semisquare Midheaven in Progressed Natal Chart

EXPECTED IMAGINATION AND CONFUSION: You want your life, in particular your career, to take a direction that reflects more of your true self,

MAGICAL HOROSCOPE 2021: Neptune Sequisqure Ascendant in Progressed natal chart

EXPECTED IMAGINATION AND CONFUSION: Attempts to express the more creative and spiritual side of your nature are frustrated during this transit. 

Astrological Transit of MARS Semisquare MIDHEAVEN in Progressed Natal chart

EXPECTED MAJOR ACTION PLAN: Taking action according to personal dictates. The inclination to act, to impose one's ego needs on a situation.

Astrological transit of MARS Sequisquare MOON in Progressed Natal Chart

EXPECTED MAJOR ACTION PLAN: "Frustration" could be the key word for this period. You are full of energy and are ready for action, and yet

Astrological Transit of MARS Conjunct SUN in Progressed Natal Chart

EXPECTED MAJOR ACTION PLAN: The directing of one's energy toward personal attainment. Shaping one's life situation through

Astrological Transit of MARS Siquisquare JUPITER in Progressed Natal chart

EXPECTED MAJOR ACTION PLAN: A fighting spirit for a moral or ethical cause. Overexcitement. Overconfidence.

ASTRO OBSERVATION 2021: Jupiter Square Mercury in Progressed Natal Chart

EXPECTED MAJOR LIFE THEME: Impulsive decisions or acting rashly

ASTRO OBSERVATION 2021: Jupiter Sextile Ascendant in progressed Natal Chart

EXPECTED MAJOR LIFE THEME: Opportunity to meet new people