VENUS SEXTILE or TRINE MARS in your yearly Horoscope

Venus sextile or trine to Mars in a solar return chart 

Implies that actions are sup-ported by significant others and compatible with relationship and financial needs. Partners tend to sanction each other's actions and appreciate what is being done. 

For example, 

a couple combined their efforts to redecorate an investment property they owned. Each partner contributed his or her talents and abilities to the design and worked together to implement the plan. Their individual efforts complemented each other. This strengthened their relationship and yielded a financial return. 

VENUS SQUARE or OPPOSITE MARS in your Yearly Horoscope

Venus square or opposite Mars in a solar return chart 

Can indicate conflicts occurring in a significant personal relationship or business partnership. The area of contention is shown by the solar return house placement of Mars. 

The relationship or benefit being com-promised is indicated by the house placement of Venus. 

For example, if Venus is in the first house, indicating the need for gentleness and time alone while Mars is in the 7th house of relationships indicating high energy and possible aggression, partners will have different needs and expectations during the Solar Return year.

VENUS CONJUNCT MARS in your Yearly Horoscope

Venus conjunct to Mars in a solar return chart 

Implies that actions either support or conflict with relationship needs. It is important for partners to be supportive of each others actions and to appreciate what is being done, but this may or may not be the case. Look at the signs and house position for the conjunction. This might give you some idea as to which principle is stronger. 

For example, if Mars and Venus are in Scorpio, Mars is in rulership while Venus is in detriment. This combination is more Marsian (active and assertive), than Venusian (passive and receptive). But if Mars and Venus are in Taurus, a Venus-ruled sign where Mars is in detriment, the combination is more Venusian. 

Solar Return chart VENUS - JUPITER aspect

Venus is known as the lesser and Jupiter is known as the greater benefic. 
When Venus and Jupiter are in aspect in Solar return chart, you can either benefit directly or indirectly through the influence or assistance of another..


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