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PLUTO IN THE 12TH HOUSE of your yearly horoscope

The 12th house of Solar  return chart , Rules things that are hidden, behind-the-scenes, and/or not easily recognized.. When Pluto, the planet associated with unconscious and hidden forces, is in the 12th house , the interpretation is particularly subtle, but also especially important.  - . What is happening behind-the-scenes may be more important to growth in consciousness than what is happening in the public environment . 

Example Case Study chart - Sun in the 10th house of Solar return chart

Judy began her own business this solar return year .  She had been world ng as a graphic design artist for a local company, but she really did not like her job or the boss she worked for. She longed to free-lance as a graphic artist It so happened that she was fired just as the solar re-turn year was beginning.

URANUS IN THE 12TH HOUSE of your yearly Horoscope

Uranus in the 12th house of Solar Return Chart is the sign of the closet personality. During the Solar Return year , your thoughts may be wild, but your outward demeanor remains conservative.  - . Others will be unaware of what is really going on inside you, and usually, something is going on.  You have the ability to hide things. Private matters, internal thoughts, or choices will not become public knowledge

How the Cancer manipulates all the 12 Zodiac Sign

 Cancers are intrinsically very sensitive, which is why they often withdraw from the world. They take emotional injuries and insults to heart. At the same time they are very sensitive and are rather shy in encounters with others. Their sensitivity is also their best instrument of manipulation, because no sign succeeds so well in putting themselves in others' shoes, as does the Cancer.  They are soft and act based on their emotions. As a sign of the fourth house, Cancers stand for everything that has to do with our origins, our roots and our heritage. We associate deep-seated feelings with these aspects, which can rarely be influenced by conscious decisions. 

Example Case Study chart - Sun in the 3rd house of Solar Return Chart

While the Sun was in the 3rd solar return house , Susan decided to go to massage school. She had been a registered nurse for years and a foster parent.  The children were growing older, and she wanted a new challenge. She also needed a change in her daily routine. Note that Uranus is in the first house , an indication of restlessness.  The massage course involved a lot of studying since Susan needed to learn techniques and the entire muscular system.