NEPTUNE IN THE 9TH HOUSE of your Yearly Horoscope

Neptune — Ruler of Pisces, in 9th house of Solar Return is traditionally known as the house of religious and philosophical beliefs. 

For those who are seeking to raise their consciousness through meditation, spiritual studies, prayer, or alternate realities, this can be a time of great enlightenment. 
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NEPTUNE IN 3RD HOUSE Of your yearly Horoscope

The most positive manifestation for this placement is an ability to be open to new information and new ways of looking at life without prejudice or judgment. 
Saturn is equated with reality structures which help us to categorize information quickly. 

Solar Return chart MERCURY - URANUS Aspect

 It suggests that you are open to new ideas which may take the form of information you are learning, concepts you are developing yourself, or inspiration you are receiving intuitively. 


Solar return chart MERCURY - MARS Aspect

Mars-Mercury aspects in Solar return chart suggest an energetic and inquisitive thought process. 

This can be a time of great mental energy and an active search for knowledge. Your mind should be quick and alert, though not necessarily highly retentive. 

Ideas move through and either evolve quickly or dissipate altogether.

 Learning can be very exciting and self-perpetuating even if you study alone. The task is to follow up on creative insights with action, manifestation, and application. Use what you know. 

PLUTO Conjunct VENUS in Solar Return chart

When Venus is conjunct Pluto in the Venus return chart, 

intense emotional involvements and complicated financial situations are likely regard-less if you are starting a new relationship, trying to get out of an old relationship, or simply going through a period of transition. 

Solar Return chart : VENUS - SATURN Aspect

Saturn aspecting Venus  in Solar Return chart 
Can have one of two different manifestations in regard to relationships: either the solidification of a relationship, or the inhibition of a relationship..

VENUS Sextile or Trine SATURN in your yearly Horoscope

Venus sextile or trine Saturn in the solar return chart suggests stability in relation-ships and in finances.
 Healthy relationships can strengthen during the year and show a renewed sense of commitment and increasing responsibility by both partners. 

Marriage, raising children, and purchasing homes together are three common events that reflect a deeper bond.

The relationship gains stability because of a new definition of purpose and intent. Partners tend to draw closer and pull together as they set common goals and plan for the future. 


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