VENUS IN THE 11TH HOUSE of your yearly Horoscope

An 11th house solar return Venus indicates you are more likely to be involved in friend-ships and associations with a number of people rather than in-depth relationships with only a few individuals.
Your relationship style leans more heavily toward detached, less intimate forms of relating.  
If you are not presently involved in an intimate relationship, it is un-likely that you will form one during this solar return period. 

JUPITER IN 4TH HOUSE of your yearly Horoscope

Jupiter in the 4th house of Solar return chart indicates the need for increased peace and security in your home. 

It is important to feel rooted and protected physically, emotionally, and spiritually by the home environment. 


SATURN IN THE 6TH HOUSE Of Solar Return Astrology Chart

Saturn in the 6th house of Solar return can indicate a health strain. 
However, depending on your age and general body condition, you may or may not experience a health problem.

Reassessing your health and work habits is a positive way to use this placement and may be crucial to continuing good health.  

SOLAR RETURN CHART : Venus Square or Opposite in Saturn

Venus square or opposite Saturn in the solar return is associated with limits and inhibitions in regard to both relationships and finances. 

The house placement of Saturn denotes where restrictions arise. 

SATURN  IN 1ST  | 2ND  | 3RD  | 4TH  | 5TH  | 6TH  | 7TH  | 8TH  | 9TH  | 10TH  | 11TH |  12TH  | HOUSE

Saturn rules structures and definitions which can support and stabilize an already strong relationship, but stressed or weakened relationships will be under a lot of pressure and may not survive. 

VENUS IN 1ST   | 2ND   | 3RD   | 4TH   | 5TH   | 6TH   | 7TH   | 8TH   | 9TH   | 10TH  | 11TH   | 12TH   | HOUSE

If you are already in a good relationship, you need not worry, however, you will be dealing with some challenges this year.

SATURN IN FIRST HOUSE Of your Yearly Horoscope

Saturn in the 1st house of Solar return is a self-imposed limitation, and it is likely you will restrict yourself or your behavior for one reason or another during the coming year. 

It may be that you are trying to complete a long-term task or you may take on a major responsibility. 

SOLAR RETURN CHART: Venus Conjunct Saturn in your Yearly horoscope

Venus conjunct to Saturn can have one of two different manifestations: the solidification of a relationship, or the inhibition of a relationship. 

VENUS IN 1ST   | 2ND   | 3RD   | 4TH   | 5TH   | 6TH   | 7TH   | 8TH   | 9TH   | 10TH  | 11TH   | 12TH   | HOUSE

Both processes involve the use of structure to define a relationship. There is a seriousness associated with the conjunction of Saturn to Venus. You will not take your relationships lightly. If they are to survive, they have to be meaningful. 

MARS IN THE 7TH HOUSE Of Your Yearly Horoscope

This is a time to be energized by another person who can get you to do something you would not or could not do alone.  

In its most positive manifestation, collaboration with another carries you towards the initiation and completion of a project or joint endeavor.  

Indications for business/ Job success in your Birth chart

There are various different combinations of  planets that suggest whether the person will be in  job or business.  

You need money also to start business. That is  indicated by 2nd house. If your 2nd house is not  strong you may not have the courage to take  initiative to start your own business. 2nd house is the  house of accumulated money, bank balance and  family business.  

MARS IN 5TH HOUSE Of Your Yearly Horoscope

Mars in the 5th house of solar return indicates a more assertive style of self-expression. This may be most evident in creative projects, but it can also manifest in the personality.
You are less likely to practice self-restraint and more likely to take risks. You are willing to go out on a limb with a new train of thought. 


MERCURY IN 4TH HOUSE In Solar Return Astrology Chart

Mercury in the 4th house of Solar return chart suggests that you should make long-range decisions regarding your future financial security and stability. 

You need to provide for your own retirement through a savings account or retirement plan. Reassess your present financial arrangements to see if they are adequate for your future needs. 

Mercury by itself does not indicate difficult problems in these areas, only a mental focus on a secure future.

You are also likely to make decisions about your home or present living conditions.

Programming The Solar Month of TAURUS season 2022

A Zodiac Season to Season Guide to Making the Most of Your Year, Every Year.

When astrologers say, “Aries is the first sign of the zodiac,” the question immediately arises, In a circular structure, how can there be a first anything? In the same way, why do we say that spring is the first season of the year? The seasons are also circular, so how can there be the first of anything that is circular? Well, there isn’t, but we generally like to call spring the first because it’s immediately after the dead of winter.

MOON IN THE 10TH HOUSE of your yearly Horoscope

The Moon in the 10th house  of Solar return chart suggests changes in career, or professional tasks you are asked to perform. 

While the Moon in the 6th house can indicate minor changes in working conditions,