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TAURUS this Month of APRIL 2022

Taurus, Your Ruling Planet is VENUS the planet of Love, When Venus is in Taurus at the time of birth, the indications suggest material (Taurus) wealth (Venus). When we possess something, we own title to it, we are responsible for it. Ultimately, all things belong to God and we are stewards of His generosity.  👉   Get The Full Report of your Personal Astrosignature      ⋆       ⋆ Map of your destiny (past, present, future) •  April 2 (Sun conjunct Mercury and Chiron): A great deal of healing is taking place. A meeting with a shaman, therapist, and teacher; a wise mentor might give you a powerful message. You are embracing the identity of a teacher, consultant, or wise mentor. 

ASTROLOGY OF 2022 : Schedule of Retrogrades & Stationary Planets

When a planet is stationary it appears to be standing still. Therefore, whatever aspects of life it governs experience blocks, stagnations, and lack of movement. When a planet is retrograde, whatever it rules is challenged, stalled, and experiences glitches and lack of flow. 

URANUS IN 2ND HOUSE Of Your Yearly Horoscope

Uranus in the 2nd House of Solar Return Shows a change in your earning power and financial situation..  Alterations can be major or minor, fluctuating or one-time single events.  - The adjustment can be either positive or negative, but both manifestations can occur at different times during the year.  

MOON IN THE 9TH HOUSE of your Yearly Horoscope

The 9th house of Solar return Chart is the house of beliefs: religious, philosophical, and mundane. The Moon placed in this house suggests a good time to reevaluate all beliefs in light of practical applications to daily situations.  

URANUS IN 5TH HOUSE Of Solar Return Astrology chart

While Uranus is in the 5th house of Solar return, you want to be able to express yourself freely.  You may need to function independently of peer pressure and relationship demands in order to do this.  - . Your personality style is changing, and you may take on more Aquarian characteristics.  It is only through the change, and the freedom and independence that foster it, that the uniqueness of the individual can emerge .  

MOON IN 4TH HOUSE in Solar Return Astrology Chart

 A 4th house solar return Moon suggests an emphasis on two important areas:  The physical home or domestic situation, and the emotional needs and perceptions of the individual. - . Usually, these two major areas of concern parallel each other and changes manifesting in the home or home life are reflected in emotional changes the individual is experiencing internally.   For example ,   if you do extensive remodeling of your home, it is likely you will also experience emotional disruption during the period of renovation.  You are apt to either change your place of residence or change something about your home when the Moon is in the  4th house of the solar return chart. You can purchase a new home and move, but it is just as likely that changes will occur within your existing home or domestic situation.  For example,  You could have a household member come or go during the Solar Return year , perhaps a new roommate moves in, or a grown child moves out to a separate residence.  Feeling