Healing Colors FOR Each ZODIAC Sign

Color is a powerful force, the visible manifestation of atomic vibration and energy absorption. Using color properly can improve your appearance, your home life, and your place of business. The right color promotes the vibrations that can 

enhance moods, set the tone for meetings of all kinds, and accent natural beauty in a number of magical ways. Without color, the world is a drab place, indeed. With it, all things are possible. 

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Color is vibration, the basic energy form underlying all of creation. Color is an essential ingredient in our daily environment. Not only does it communicate emotion and create a mood, but also it has the power to affect our energy levels. In this way, seeing a color and experiencing a color are virtually inseparable, because much of what is seen is also felt. People react to colors, because they evoke personal emotions and experiences. 

What are your lucky astro colors? 

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If you know, that's great! Make use of "our colors" in every possible way. When wearing fashions made of them, you will be more confident in yourself than when arrayed in something else. You will get more work done and it will be better work. Not only should you wear your astro colors, but it is a good idea to surround your-self with them. You intuitively select colors that will have a positive healing effect for you. Meditate on a specific color in order to get a benefit from it. Clear your mind, take a few deep breaths, and stare at an object in the color you have chosen. Breathe in the color until you can feel it seep into your skin and deep inside you. Repeat this ritual whenever you feel as if you need a psychic "color infusion" in order to bring healing, happiness, prosperity, or any other good thing into your life. 


Red signifies confidence and courage. It in-spires boldness in thought and deed. A strong awareness of the physical body is indicated. There can sometimes be so much passion in its energy that when it is displayed it can be perceived as aggression. Red can be used to strengthen the body and to promote will power and courage. Wear red to stimulate vitality. A simple spell for red: To inspire a sense of bravery, wear a red accessory. Even if the color is not immediately visible to anyone else (a piece of lingerie, a handkerchief, a piece of red construction paper folded in a purse or wallet), you will know that you have this splash of red and will feel more courageous as a result. 


Pink is the color of personal happiness. This lively yet gentle shade reflects optimism, a youthful attitude, and the ability to take chances. It signifies romance. It has the ability to bring a fresh perspective to any endeavor. Pink can be used to promote self- esteem. Wear pink to welcome joy and beauty. Spring green says growth, balance, harmony. A simple spell for pink: Everyone needs a little of this color in their life. Create a "pink corner" in your bedroom or bathroom. Do this by filling a shallow glass bowl with a variety of pink objects: stones, shells, even candy. When-ever you feel you need a fresh or more youthful perspective on matters, visit your pink corner and run your hands over the items. Your point of view will be refreshed and updated. 


The color yellow signifies cheerfulness, optimism, and bright ideas. It is a happy and energetic color that reflects mental acuity and communication. It is also a celebration of sunny days. Yellow energy is related to the ability to perceive and understand. A simple spell for yellow: To create a feeling of confidence and happiness, wear yellow-gold jewelry to an event. If you are feeling worn- out or tired in the evening hours when the Sun has gone to sleep, sit under a lamp with your eyes closed. The warmth and light that permeate your closed lids will help you to concentrate on the power and promise of tomorrow's sunrise. 


Gray represents the middle ground, neither completely positive nor completely negative. Gray is used in color therapy to absorb un-wanted energy from the body. Emotionally, it symbolizes a willingness to comply, to be purposefully isolated in order to find a quiet and balancing energy. Silver and mauve are Moon colors that help guide our intuition to make the best decisions. A simple spell for gray: When meditating, picture your mind as a gray screen where messages will appear. Because gray has a restful and therapeutic affect, it will soothe your consciousness, making it easier for messages to come. 


Orange is a joyous color, representing vibrant energy and intellectual curiosity. It is the color of surprise and enthusiasm. It has a sense of humor; wearing a bit of orange can bring smiles and a sense of optimism, stimulate creativity and mental quickness and an ability to adjust to changes. Wearing orange during times of stress can help to balance your emotions. A simple spell for orange: Keep a bowl of oranges on the table as a focal point in the morning. Their scent and bright color are exhilarating. Like the glass of orange juice it represents, it will start your day off right! To promote and facilitate learning a new subject, use an orange bookmark. 


Classic and understated, tan suggests the path of moderation, relaxation, undemanding energy, and neutrality. While it may be seen as representing a conservative attitude, its energy signifies dependability, caring, and common sense. Sage green is a color that communicates peace and growth and speaks of nature's wisdom. A simple spell for tan: Take a cup of sand from your favorite beach and sift out the impurities. Then put the clean sand in a decorative bowl and keep it on your bedside table. Each night before going to sleep, cup a palmful of the sand, then open your fingers and let it drain back into the bowl as you say, "May my choices and opportunities be as numberless as these grains of sand." After a month, recycle the sand and replace it with a fresh supply. 


All shades of blue will help to make easier communications, whether they are with yourself or others. Blue symbolizes peace and emotional tranquility. It also inspires mental control, creativity, and clarity. Blue has a pacifying effect. It symbolizes the sky, the shielding dome above our heads and, there-fore, represents boundless potential and opportunities. White is the emblem of innocence and purity and denotes spiritual authority. A simple spell for blue: Whenever you are feeling stressed, put on a piece of blue clothing. Avoid dark or navy blue, because the lighter the shade of blue you choose, the more comforted and lighthearted you will feel. Meditating with a blue candle before bedtime pro-motes restful sleep. 


Magenta is the flag for innovative, strong-willed, imaginative, artistic, and creative individuals. It has the qualities of red, plus empathy; it is a mixture of passion and compassion. Magenta is ideal for rituals to secure ambitions and financial rewards. The maroon color is often used to aid confidence, courage, strength, warmth, and beauty. A simple spell for magenta: To lift the vibe of your environment, put a sprig of the fuchsia plant into a bud vase. Keep it in the room where you spend a great deal of your time. An object of this color is favorable to use when attempting to make contact with the spirit world. 


Purple denotes power, authority, and psychic strength. In a metaphysical sense, purple energy connects us to our spiritual guidance, wisdom, and inner strength. Purple is a color of transformation, combating fear and resistance to change. Purple is used for meditation and to sharpen psychic awareness and connection with Higher Self and to increase imagination and inspiration. A simple spell for purple: Tape a decorative purple embellishment to your mirror, or drape a purple shawl or throw over a chair. The presence of this vibrant color in your everyday life will remind you to live in the here and now, even while embracing spiritual truths. 


Brown denotes practicality, simplicity, humility, and purposefulness. It is the ultimate earth tone, reflective of nature, as is green. Black is not actually a color but the absence of color. It can be off- putting because of its intensity, but it is actually comforting, protective, and mysterious. It is good for banishing negativity in oneself or fighting negativity from an outside source. On the practical level, black represents seriousness and commitment to an idea or principle—a total absorption with a cause. 
A simple spell for black: Those drawn to black may be intractable and impervious to change. In order to combat this, perform the following ritual. On your altar or another safe area, place three candles—black, gray or silver, and white—side by side in fireproof candle-holders. Each day light one of them, in order of their placement. By lighting the black candle only every third day, your subconscious mind will become subtly accustomed to change. Please note: Never leave a candle burning unattended. 


Indigo is the color of spiritual awakening and awareness. It is an imaginative, intuitive, and mystical shade. It inspires sensitivity to beauty, harmony, and compassion for others as well as promoting lucid dreams and dream skills such as problem- solving. Ultraviolet energy strengthens intuition and connects us to a higher spiritual realm. Its subtle vibration can be useful in ESP such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and even astral projection. A simple spell for indigo: If you have a special meditation area in your house or apartment, keep an indigo object ever present in this area. A scarf, a pillow, or a decorative object will call up indigo energy whenever you need to tap into its special power. 


Lavender is the color of spiritual healing, dispelling sadness, loneliness, and mental confusion. It is a good color for use on a ceremonial altar or in a room where meditation and rituals are practiced. Aqua is a serene yet uplifting color. Aqua promotes clear communication, honesty, openness, and the need to join together with others. It represents the ability to transform, just as water turns to ice and the cycle repeats. A simple spell for lavender: If you are a seeker after truth and are traveling on a spiritual path, a sprig of lavender or some lavender-scented oil can be a reminder to stay centered and focused on your quest. Keeping track of your dreams in a lavender- colored notebook or diary is also a reminder of the importance of your spiritual search.