TAURUS this Month of APRIL 2022

Taurus, Your Ruling Planet is VENUS the planet of Love, When Venus is in Taurus at the time of birth, the indications suggest material (Taurus) wealth (Venus). When we possess something, we own title to it, we are responsible for it. Ultimately, all things belong to God and we are stewards of His generosity. 

     ⋆ Map of your destiny (past, present, future)

•  April 2 (Sun conjunct Mercury and Chiron): A great deal of healing is taking place. A meeting with a shaman, therapist, and teacher; a wise mentor might give you a powerful message. You are embracing the identity of a teacher, consultant, or wise mentor. 

•  April 5 (Venus enters Pisces, her sign of exaltation): A great month for healing and establishing relationships. Art is flowing and finances are improving. 

•  April 11 (Mercury enters Taurus): This position is good for ideas and insights into your finances, as well as art. Sometimes associated with excessive worry and mundane concerns (such as bills, rent, or finances). 

•  April 15 (Mars enters Pisces): Great for activities in or around water. Be careful of dependency and codependency. Tantric sexuality is all around you. 

•  April 15 (Lilith enters Cancer until Jan 7, 2023): This can cause a great deal of drama within the family. Mother figures (bosses or friends) might act out and project many negativities and insecurities. You may experience dramatic mood swings. 

•  April 16 (Full Moon in Libra): This is a powerful lunation associated with Passover and the Last Supper of Christ. It is considered to be the Full Moon of liberation. You experience your own exodus from a place of confinement and bondage into your Promised Land. You might feel a push and pull between your needs and that of a partner. 

•  April 17 and 18 (Mercury conjunct Uranus): Brilliance is in the air. Your IQ has just (temporarily) risen 10 points. Laughter, crazy new ideas and innovations are all around you. A meeting with a unique and original person or situation is forecast. 

•  April 21 (Saturn square North Node): This could be a little challenging as you might have to deal with unpleasantness that results from past lifetimes and Karma. 

•  April 24 (Mercury Conjunct North Node): Mercury is riding the dragon in the air and that means good energy for you from a past lifetime, meeting like-minded people, or joining a new group. 

•  April 27 (Venus, Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune conjunct in Pisces): This is a wonderful treat. It can make magic happen in relationships and artistic endeavors. Your dreams are very powerful and prophetic. Avoid encounters with addictive personalities and make sure you enforce boundaries with lovers. Be careful of deception in partnerships. 

•  April 29 (Mercury enters Gemini): This is a far better placement for the messenger of the gods and goddesses. Mercury moves things along faster now: messages, ideas, communication, innovation, clever ideas, connections, contracts, relationships with siblings and relatives and your business could all benefit from this transit. 

•  April 29–Oct 9 (Pluto retrograde): Be a little more cautious with investments, extra-marital affairs, and secrets that could be revealed. 

•  April 30 (New Moon in Taurus): This is an exalted New Moon. It signifies a great deal of success, expression through art and design, connection to Mother Nature, and a boost in your income. In addition, it is a partial solar eclipse suggesting that things are getting a push forward in your life, for good and bad. •  April 30 (Venus and Jupiter conjunct): This is called the aspect of luck! Go hunt synchronicities.

Understanding a Taurus 2022

Taurus is the most earthy of all the Earth signs. If you understand that Earth is more than just a physical element, that it is a psychological attitude as well, you will get a better under-standing of the Taurus personality. 

A Taurus has all the power of action that an Aries has. But Taurus is not satisfied with action for its own sake. Their actions must be productive, practical and wealth-producing. If Taurus cannot see a practical value in an action they will not bother taking it. 

  • Strongest virtues - endurance, loyalty, patience, stability, a harmonious disposition Deepest needs -comfort, material ease, wealth 
  • Characteristics to avoid - rigidity, stubbornness, tendency to be overly possessive and materialistic 
  • Signs of greatest overall compatibility -Virgo, Capricorn 
  • Signs of greatest overall incompatibility-Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius 
  • Sign most helpful to career-Aquarius 
  • Sign most helpful for emotional support -Leo 
  • Sign most helpful financially-Gemini 
  • Sign best for marriage and/or partnerships - Scorpio 
  • Sign most helpful for creative projects -Virgo Best 
  • Sign to have fun with - Virgo 
  • Signs most helpful in spiritual matters - Aries, Capricorn 

TAURUS Best day of the week is Friday