Astrological Transit of JUPITER in SAGITTARIUS Sign

 Ever get in one of those tedious conversations with someone who gives you an interminable monologue about his pet subject, delivered with bombast and a bellicose self-righteous-ness? 

While transiting Jupiter is in Sagittarius, don't be that guy. Instead, learn more things. Go someplace new. For one year, continually place yourself in situations where you are not an authority, where you may not even speak the native language. 

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If you have been timid about adventure, this year will be a tremendous gift to you. New experiences are healthy: They keep you from believing that you know everything. They keep you from becoming that guy. 

Jupiter urges you to grow, expand, take risks, and seek meaning. His transits through the twelve signs of the zodiac prescribe the avenues through which all of us, simultaneously, seek to expand our horizons. The extent to which this affects you directly will depend on planets you may have in that sign, and the house through which Jupiter is transiting (see  an exploration of the transiting planets in the houses of the horoscope).

Biggest rewards: Sagittarius, Aries, Leo 

Pressure to take risks: Gemini, Virgo, Pisces 

Significant opportunities: Libra, Aquarius 

Jupiter in Sagittarius (2000-2050): Nov. 23, 2006-Dec. 18, 2007; Nov. 8, 2018-Dec. 2, 2019; Oct. 22, 2030-Nov. 15,2031; Feb. 8-Apr. 24, 2042; Oct. 4, 2042-Mar. 1, 2043; June 9-Oct. 26, 2043